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Automatic shutoff dampers These shutoff dampeners are flaps that open when the fan starts and shuts when the fan is put off. Expected Price range: Returns will not be accepted without Priory Quay agreement.

They are the best choice for you if your home faces continuous power cuts. Checkout Air Cooler Price: Pour in normal water or ice water, as per your preference of cooling. Faulty or Damaged Goods We have strict quality controls but in the event of a product failure within a 30 day period, goods can be returned using the above 30 day guarantee.

These organisations are also under a strict obligation and code of practice to keep your information private and confidential. The towering cooler is made from high-quality plastic that will last for a longer duration.

They are portable. The CFM means the amount of air cycled into your room every minute. It comes with three different speed controls.

The fan in this unit is used as an exhaust. Types of air coolers There are two kinds of coolers, a desert cooler and a room cooler.

Its tank capacity is 55 Litres. The effectiveness of coolers reduces significantly when the humidity is high, and it is to counter that problem that some brands of coolers have humidity control. Air coolers are electric appliances which cool air through the evaporation of water.

To beat the heat, add ice cubes in the Ice Chamber. Ideally, it should be at least 90 mm thick in order to cool the air well. A larger room would also need an air cooler with a larger tank. Based on how they function, there are three kinds of coolers- direct evaporative coolers, indirect evaporative coolers and two-stage evaporative coolers.

To circulate the air in the big halls or rooms you need big fans with large wings and powerful motor as well. The fan in this cooler is used to force the air out. The front cooler grills of the Air Cooler can deflect cool air in four directions and its litre tank provides the water supply for several hours.

Cover Image Courtesy: So considering your bucket size is of 5 liters. Air Cooler Capacity: The Bajaj Platini PX97 Air Cooler is a more conventional approach to the air cooler segment which is getting an increased number of new designs.

Top 9 Symphony Winter i Air Cooler Reviews Price List & Comparison Table 2017

Multiply the area of the room in square feet with the ceiling height and divide that number by two. You can select the accurate size for the air cooler by measuring the CFM needed for your room.

Unless otherwise agreed delivery will be to the Registered Card Address All enquiries to email: These air coolers use up to 50 percent less power than a fundamental air cooler. This cooler is kept inside the room and is placed on a trolley that can be moved around.

Electronic Thermostats Coolers with electronic thermostats can vary the fan speed and also switch off and on the pump and fan automatically. They have beautiful design, they can easily match with the aesthetics of the room. To use the cooler, you have to fill it with appropriate amounts of water.

Tank Size It is the size of the water tank in litres, which has to be kept filled. They absorb water and allow air to flow through them to cool it.Comparison of Symphony Limited DiET 22i and Symphony Limited DiET 50i based on specifications, reviews and ratings.

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Acondicionador Evaporativo Portátil Mundo Clima Diet-50i

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Diet 50i
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